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"Everything I do is about growth, never be comfortable with your current state." - Bazz



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Bazz is an award-winning marketer, entrepreneur and mindset coach. 

He’s the President and Co-Founder of Sahaba Initiative, an award-winning nonprofit he co-founded at the age of 17 using social media to create opportunities for families impacted with poverty. He’s also a past United Nations Global Ambassador, host of The Bazz Show, and director of digital marketing in the EdTech industry.  


Arbazz has used social media to raise over $30 million and has managed over $10 million dollars in advertising spend to grow organizations. Arbazz holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is completing a doctorate in Organizational Change.

Quick Facts

Born in So-Cal. Raised in So-Cal and Saudi.

Proud Muslim and Driven by Purpose.

Executive in EdTech Marketing by Day.

Doctoral Candidate and Nonprofit Leader by Night.

On a Mission to Lead Growth and Transform Mindsets.

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