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100 Insights on Leadership Before Turning 30

In this heartfelt book, filled with gratitude and humility, I offer a collection of lessons learned on my personal journey through life. It is a gift to my younger self, once brimming with hope and dreams yet uncertain about the future. As I hustled through my career and doctoral program at the age of 29, this small book became my steadfast lighthouse, keeping me grounded amidst the chaos. Each word and nugget of wisdom poured from my soul, guiding me through life's highs and lows.

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Dr. Bazz is an award-winning marketer, entrepreneur, and mindset coach. 

An acclaimed figure in the EdTech sector, Dr. Bazz stands out as an award-winning executive, speaker, and philanthropist, boasting a decade of remarkable achievements including generating over $30 million through pioneering digital marketing strategies. In his professional realm, he spearheads marketing campaigns aimed at bridging the global digital skills gap through promoting credentialing programs. 


Serving as the founding president of the Sahaba Initiative, Dr. Bazz has made significant contributions to supporting millions of local families and has earnestly represented the role of an ambassador on poverty for the United Nations Association. Notably, Dr. Bazz's motivational videos offer powerful leadership insights, resonating with millions online. 


Holding a doctorate in Organizational Change from Cal Baptist University, his work, “Leading like the Prophet: American Muslim Millennials Finding Purpose,” delves deep into spiritual-driven leadership in the American Muslim millennial landscape.

Moreover, he was recognized by the American Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, and California State Assembly.  

Growth Coaching

Bazz offers a 1-hour coaching session to help individuals improve their lives, including career, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, productivity, and social media. The coaching session costs $350. Bazz will contact clients via email within 24-48 hours to schedule the session.

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